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What is the Alison Learner Dashboard in App?
What is the Alison Learner Dashboard in App?
Updated over a week ago

The Alison Learner Dashboard is the page where you can access information about your completed courses, courses in progress, purchased certificates, set study reminders and much more.

Courses in progress

The first widget gives you the ability to return to any of your enrolled courses. You can resume your most recent course, or use the widget to explore other courses by clicking on View My Other Courses, as illustrated in the image below.

Just scroll down to search for your course:

Completed Courses

Forgotten a few things from a course you’ve completed? Don’t worry, it happens. You can easily find that course again and study it. Just check the Unclaimed Certificates widget, and you'll see all the courses you've completed.

Purchased Certificates

To see all your purchased certificates and download documents, you can check out the My Certificates widget:

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