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What is the best way to promote my Affiliate link?
What is the best way to promote my Affiliate link?
Updated over a week ago

At Alison, we have developed an Affiliate marketing toolkit which is packed with downloadable resources and marketing tips to excel as an Affiliate. You can check it out here.

Your Affiliate Dashboard also provides you with insights on the most popular links to share with your audience.

Enroll in our top-rated Affiliate Marketing Course. Discover a step-by-step approach to help you start making money online.

We have also designed an Official Alison Partner logo which you can show off to current colleagues or future employers. You can view the Affiliate logo here (right click the image to save). After downloading the Affiliate logo, you can post it on your personal website, social media platforms or include it in your email signature. It will let the world know you are an Alison Affiliate Partner.

Show everyone that you are an Alison Affiliate Partner! Download our Official Alison Partner logo.

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