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Do you provide any training for Course Creator to create a course on Alison?
Do you provide any training for Course Creator to create a course on Alison?
Updated over a week ago

Absolutely, every applicant is required to successfully finish two training courses that encompass our distinct course creation processes.

The e-learning theory and practice course provide an overview of research-based methodologies for creating effective e-learning courses. Utilising e-learning content offers a valuable means to share your expertise with a broad audience, enhancing both your revenue and reputation. Upon completing this course, you will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to construct high-quality online courses.

After finishing the initial course, it is essential to familiarise yourself with our Publishing Tool. While progressing through this course, you have the opportunity to directly access the Tool, allowing you to practically apply and test your newly acquired knowledge.

Moreover, applicants are required to submit a test course using our Publishing Tool. This course, intended for assessment purposes, will not be published; it is designed to demonstrate your ability to effectively structure and create an engaging online course in alignment with Alison’s guidelines and standards.

Once submitted, your test course will undergo a review, and if approved, you will receive an invitation to become an Alison Course Creator. At this point, you can commence crafting courses using your own content. It's important to note that all courses published on Alison undergo thorough reviews before being made public.

Additionally, we conduct webinars for publishers, offering an opportunity for everyone to address any questions they may have.

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