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Difference between application types
Difference between application types
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At Alison, we offer two distinct approaches for users to create and share courses with others:

Become A Course Creator

A Course Creator creates the course content and uses the Alison Publishing Tool to upload the content to the learning environment. Course Creators are required to adhere to Alison's structural and pedagogical guidelines during the creation of their courses. The courses undergo a review process by Alison, and Course Creators are accountable for implementing any feedback provided by Alison.

Become An Assisted Course Creator

If you require additional assistance in crafting your course, opting for the Assisted Course Creator route might be the ideal solution. This pathway involves our in-house Content Assistants collaborating closely with you to structure and develop the course in accordance with Alison’s guidelines. Using the content you provide, they will curate a professionally designed course on your behalf. This approach enables you to concentrate on creating high-quality content, while our team manages the technical aspects. Please note that there is a small fee associated with this option, which will be deducted from the revenue generated by your course.

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