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How long does the Course Creator application process take?
How long does the Course Creator application process take?
Updated over a week ago

The application process accommodates your preferred pace. Here, we've presented approximate timeframes for each type of application.

Becoming a Course Creator

The application process itself requires around 5 minutes to complete, the two training courses each take approximately 90 minutes, and the creation of the Test Course may take about 2 hours. You have the flexibility to complete these steps at your own pace. Upon submitting your test course, you can expect to receive an email regarding the success of your application within approximately a week. Please be aware that this timeframe may vary based on the volume of applicants.

Becoming an Assisted Course Creator

Completing the application typically requires around 5 minutes. Following that, you will submit your content to the Alison Publishing team for review to determine its suitability. After their assessment, the team will reach out to you, offering a timeline for delivery. Various factors, such as the length and number of the courses you are providing, can influence the duration of this process. However, as a general practice, we aim to respond within a week or so.

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