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What is the Mental Health Assessment for?
What is the Mental Health Assessment for?
Updated over a week ago

With increased stressors brought on by today's environment, our wellbeing can easily be pushed to the back burner. In these times, we understand the need to make mental and physical health a priority. With our unique free online Mental Wellbeing Assessment, we provide an accessible way to evaluate your current well-being level and identify areas that can do with some lifestyle changes.

In understanding your wellbeing level, we determine the impact it has on your day-to-day life. To do so, we will ask you some questions. While it may be uncomfortable to answer some of them, we encourage you to be as honest as possible so you can get the best results. At the conclusion of the assessment, you will receive a survey with a score that reflects your overall mental wellbeing, along with some resources to improve your level.

Don't hesitate to start your wellbeing journey today! With our help, you can make measurable changes in your mental health so you can live the life you want.

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